thanks for being our model today - you're brilliant!
november 2010
thank you... great day and lots of happy customers... you really made the day very easy and delightful for me.
february 2010
our 6th formers have had a very enjoyable and valuable experience - thank you very much! hope to be able to invite you back again soon.
january 2010
briony is one of our very best models...
april 2009
that was fab last night, you were just perfect! thanks again for being a fab model.
beccy roberts
sibford school
march 2009
just a quick thank you for your work last night. everyone enjoyed the class, and was impressed by your professionalism and range of challenging poses. i look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.
january 2009
thank you for being the best life model i've worked with.
january 2009
thanks for all your inspiring hard work.
elena thomas
coach house artists
december 2008
just a quick word to say thank you for today. you are an excellent model and i could see that people enjoyed drawing you. i certainly did... i do hope that we will be able to have you back again.
dave bissit
october 2008
you were excellent.
neil moore
leamington spa
september 2008
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